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Born 28/10/2008

Qualified for Cruft’s 2011/12/13

Now retired from the show ring to rule the house with a velvet glove.

Litters 2012/2013

Kerridown Thistlebe Good

Calvenance Cooley Thistle

Born 3/8/2011  Health Tested

Qualified for Cruft’s 2013/14/15

Her father was imported from America & lives in Birmingham with Tracy and Steve

1st Litter 2014

Thistle Be Mr Bojangles

Born 14/2/2012 - DNA Tested

Son of Kerridown Thistle Be Good from her 1st litter.

Qualified for Cruft’s 2013,14,15,16,17,18,19 & 20

Stud book number May 2017

BoB SKC 2018, Bis June 2017

Bis St Andrews , Cupar and District 2017

BoB SKC Aug 2017

Best veteran Dog in breed Leeds 2019

Best veteran in breed Skc May 2019

Best veteran in breed skc Aug 2019

Thistle Be Imperial Topaz

Born 4/11/2014 Health & DNA tested

Daughter of Calvenance Cooley Thistle

1st Litter March 2018

Qualified for Cruft’s 2016/17 & 18

Bos SKC Aug 17

Dob 27/03/2018 st Patrick’s day

Qualified Crufts 19 and 20

Thistle My Mystic Topaz

Due 20th Apr