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Born 28/10/2008

Qualified for Cruft’s 2011/12/13

Now retired from the show ring to rule the house with a velvet glove.

Litters 2012/2013

Kerridown Thistlebe Good

Calvenance Cooley Thistle

Born 3/8/2011  Health Tested

Qualified for Cruft’s 2013/14/15

Her father (Calvenance soldiersong wearing of the green) was imported from America & lives in Birmingham with Tracy and Steve

1st Litter 2014

Thistle Be Mr Bojangles

Thistle Be Imperial Topaz

Born 14/2/2012 - DNA Tested

Son of Kerridown Thistle Be Good from her 1st litter.

Qualified for Cruft’s 2013/14/15/16/17 & 2018

Stud book number May 2017

BoB SKC 2018

Bis June 2017

Born 3/8/2011 Health & DNA tested

Daughter of Calvenance Cooley Thistle

1st Litter March 2018

Qualified for Cruft’s 2016/17 & 18

Bos SKC Aug 17

Our New Addition!!

The new addition to our pack was born on St Patrick’s Day 2018 picture to come soon!!